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“Drivers create their own blue light specials on Tybee.”

“Of course guns don't kill people, but people with access to guns do.”

“To the person who wants to take up all guns from everyone except the police and military: I'm certainly glad the NRA and the Republican Party is your enemy, because you're obviously a Nazi. That is what Hitler did.”

“In regard to the renaming of the Talmadge Bridge and in reference to the editorial on March 2: Maybe the lawmakers didn't duck a politically charged task. Did it ever occur to you, maybe they finally decided to listen to the will of the people and not the Girl Scouts?”

“Who is the Houlihan Bridge named for?”

“This is to the multiple gun owner: I don't even own a gun and I know that it's illegal in the United States to own an automatic weapon already.”

“If you are doing your federal income taxes following the instructions on the internet, you will find a mailing address approximately one full page after the index.”