With southern roots and unique sounds, Paul Thorn and the Blind Boys of Alabama have made their own marks in the music industry, but they'll collaborate for an explosive performance called “Mission Temple Fireworks Revival," at the 2018 Savannah Music Festival.

Growing up in Mississippi as the son of a preacher and the nephew of a pimp, Thorn creates music that delves into every aspect of life.

Because of his roots in the church, Thorn has been influenced by gospel since adolescence, with a strong impact from the African American branch of the church. You can hear the soul, rhythm and blues in every song he sings.


Even while working as a professional boxer and furniture store salesman, Thorn never forgot his roots or his voice.

With songs like “Pimps and Preachers,” “Old Stray Dogs and Jesus” and “That’s Life,” Thorn’s music is edgy but reflects the experiences that made him who he is. Thorn takes pride in using the things he learned in church to help mold the music he makes.

Thorn finds joy in his work by making not so much “religious” music, but rather music for the spirit and soul, truly a feel-good experience. “Mission Temple Fireworks Revival” was originally a recording project, but the live stage show has given Thorn more opportunities to create musical magic.


An all-male singing group with five Grammys, the Blind Boys of Alabama have built and sustained their presence in the music industry since 1939, enduring the tests of time and change.

Growing up in southern Alabama and living through the Great Depression, WWII, and Jim Crow laws, the Blind Boys of Alabama are testaments to the resilience and power of music.

At 89 years old, founding member Jimmy Carter is still touring and performing with the group.

Paul Thorn and the Blind Boys of Alabama are scheduled to set the Savannah Music Festival on fire with “Mission Temple Fireworks Revival” at 7:30 p.m. March 30 at the Lucas Theatre.