Calling all ‘90s guys and gals! If you have high school flashbacks every time you hear Ginuwine’s “Pony,” then do we have a party for you — it’s the Savannah ‘90s Block Party and it hits the Savannah Civic Center at 7:30 p.m. April 5.

"It’s been a while since I’ve been to Savannah so I’m looking forward to all the ladies coming out,” says Ginuwine.

For the last 20-plus years, the crowds have been showing up for Ginuwine’s dance moves and that debut single (in the video, Ginuwine and his buddies win over everybody in a country music biker bar, the ladies especially).

The song even took on a life of its own, playing a bit role in the NBC comedy "Parks & Recreation" and being featured in a few sexy dance sessions in the "Magic Mike" films.


Ginuwine says having his work featured in the films "Magic Mike" and "Chocolate City," as well as their sequels,  "Makes me feel good, like all this hard work, sweat and tears that went into these songs, that it’s accepted,” he says. “It’s appreciated.”

Those who grew up in the '90s will also appreciate the many artists joining Ginuwine for the ‘90s Block Party. We’re talking some of the decade’s most popular R&B performers, including Guy featuring Teddy Riley, Jagged Edge, 112 and Next.

“Bring a part of this, like this ‘90s Block Party Tour ... I’m on the road with people I admire, people I respect and I want to work with,” Ginuwine says. “... It’s a great position for me to be in and I’m glad. We all get along, there’s no animosity, no problems. It’s very seldom that you get that.”

As for all the ladies coming out for the April 5 concert in Savannah, though, Ginuwine has just one request.

“If you really come to see me, I want you to wear red,” he says. “I want you to enjoy the whole show. But I need all the ladies that come to see me, to see who actually loves me, to wear red so I can see you.”