Ladies, take note: The heartthrob behind “Rock of Love” is bringing his solo tour to Savannah for the first time April 4 at The Stage On Bay.

“You’ll be my first! My first solo Savannah show,” says Bret Michaels. “And I want to tell people what a party this is. It’s mixing all of the Poison songs seamlessly with the 'Rock of Love' theme and the music I wrote for 'Apprentice.' I want three generations of awesome fans to have the time of their lives.”

Michaels has played the Hostess City with iconic glam metal band Poison, but now his 30-plus years of rock ballads, sometimes cheeky lyrics and general studliness is coming back to Savannah with the Bret Michaels Band.

The singer-songwriter found fame with Poison, but his work as a solo artist, reality television/movie star and talent judge has only sweetened his reputation.

“I feel blessed. I feel luck to be here, I truly mean it,” says Michaels. “This is what I grew up wanting to do. Playing music, I get to travel, I get to meet awesome people. It’s nothing but good energy.”

Michaels has been an advocate for healthy living, making no secret of his childhood diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. He’s been a spokeman for the American Diabetes Association and in addition to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for research and treatment, Michaels also takes the time to talk with kids and parents dealing with diabetes.

His Life Rocks Foundation takes it even further, raising funds for diabetes, animal welfare and military causes.

“I come from a family of veterans on both sides of my family,” says Michaels. “My dad’s a Navy vet, my cousin was on Parris Island. We’re going to do something together and leave a nice donation to help the veterans down there.”

But, back to the music. You're bound to hear most, if not all of those old-school hits in Savannah: “Every Rose Has its Thorn,” “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” “Unskinny Bop,” “Something to Believe In” and more.

“We’re going to say hello! We’re going to take care of everybody, especially the vets,” says Michaels. “We’re going to have a great time at The Stage On Bay!”