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“What makes pickup truck owners believe their trash won’t fly out? Take a second look at how much litter you contribute.”


“Only a massive blue wave in November can right this ship.”


“A special thank you to the customer service department of the Savannah Morning News and also my delivery person, for doing an excellent, excellent job handling problems for me. They do it, and they do it right.”


“In reference to the Monday morning paper on the front page, I think I'm going to run down to the Altamaha to see if I could spot some of these rate shore birds. Come on folks, proof, proof, proof.”


“Travis Jaudon is full of hot air.”


“Pictures that show the garbage and trash that the human pigs left in the squares after the parade is disgusting. I'd like to go over to their homes and dump my garbage in their yard, and see how they feel about that.”


“Hat's off to and thank you to Greg Parker, who was actually inside his store Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, helping customers. No wonder he’s so successful.”

“We need a recall election in Port Wentworth because of ethics. Please, let's have a recall election.”