How often do you get to day-drink with 1,000 of your soon-to-be-closest friends? Hopefully, at least once a year at the Savannah Bananas' annual Tap of the Morning Beer Fest. And it just might be the only place you can do it.

“That’s what we think, anyway,” said Jared Orton, president of the baseball team. “As far as we can tell, this is the only morning beer fest in the world.”


The inaugural fest was held last year and combined with a separate afternoon event for a full day of lively libations. This year, Tap of the Morning Beer Fest returns to Grayson Stadium on April 7 focusing on the morning hours only.

The change comes from the desire to create a unique and one-of-a-kind event, said Orton, adding that Savannah is a drinking town, a brunch town and a town that likes to have fun.

“Savannah shows up,” he said. “Our mantra has always been find out what is normal and do the exact opposite, and Savannah always shows up. We want to put our city on the map for these kinds of events.”

Doors open at 9 a.m., and with over 100 craft beers and brunch items to snack on, breakfast will remain the most important and fun meal of the day. On tap, beers including oatmeal stouts and coffee porters will heed the call for morning sustenance.

VIP ticket holders will get an added treat, including an extra selection of craft beers, doughnuts in the dugout, and biscuits in the bullpen. VIP tickets are sold out.

Since the Savannah Bananas' arrival in 2016, they’ve held concerts, movie nights, races, private parties, and numerous other events to allow the community to enjoy the stadium outside of baseball season. The Tap of the Morning Beer Fest is no exception.

The beloved baseball game will return May 31, so take advantage of roaming the grounds while you can — run the bases, cheer in the dugout, or nap in the outfield under the morning sun.