Immersed in the life of music, country star Rosanne Cash brings her pop-folksy sound to the Lucas Theatre for the Savannah Music Festival. Singing alongside her husband and collaborator John Leventhal, Cash will hit the stage April 10.

The daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash had an early ear for music and learned firsthand what it takes to make it in the music industry. Since 1978, and still going strong at 62, Cash has been playing music around America and Canada.

There is more to Cash than just music. In the late ‘90s, unable to record while pregnant, Cash began focusing on creative fiction writing. Her children’s book, “Penelope Jane: A Fairy's Tale” kickstarted her writing career.

“Yes, sometimes I wrote prose about a song or a song about a prose piece,” Cash recently told Do Savannah about the connections between her prose and music. “I get obsessed with certain themes and images and language, and they tend to show up in both my prose and songs until I work them out of my system.”


By 2001, Cash began editing short stories by other songwriters. The collection was called “Songs Without Rhyme, Prose by Celebrated Songwriters.”

“For instance, I wrote an essay called ‘The Long Way Home’ for the Oxford American,’” Cash said, “and a song called ‘The Long Way Home’ on my album ‘The River and The Thread.’”

“The River and The Thread” was awarded a Grammy for Best Americana Album in 2015.

In an interview with Linda Sickler for Do Savannah in 2015, Cash mentioned her love for a “particular coconut cake” she was drawn to and how Savannah was one of her “favorite towns of the South.”

Cash added this year that she “loved the mystery and genteel beauty of Savannah.”

A personal connection that pulls Cash (and many people she knows) to Savannah is the fact that she has two friends who live in Savannah part of the year, and her daughter honeymooned here.

For Cash, asking her what inspires her to sing is the equivalent to what inspires her to breathe: “It’s to stay alive with curiosity and passion and love.”

Cash elaborated and said she is in the music business because “she is searching for the next piece of the puzzle” or “next piece of the South.”

“The music festival is one of the best in the country, in my opinion,” Cash said. “It’s an honor to be performing there again.”