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“I agree with the caller about Anne Hart’s column. They’re drinking on TV all day long, and if not, they're talking about it. Alcohol is a problem just like opioid use. Is there anybody who abstains anymore?”


“Exactly who is president of our country, Donald Trump or Donald Putin?”


“I'd like to leave a statement against March 22 Vox Populi person who wrote, ‘Bottom line, Donald Trump is a moron.’ Better look in the mirror, because he's definitely one himself.”


“If my son-in-law didn't pick up trash on Goebel Avenue every day, it would look just like downtown after the parade. People who drive along there are nothing but pigs.”


“Do you suppose that Mike Pence came to Savannah because the Republicans are a little bit nervous about Buddy Carter’s seat being so safe in the next election? Isn't that it? Delightful thoughts.”


“Casey Cagle, would you please tell Georgians which cities are sanctuary cities?”


“Again, the obituary notices are more interesting than the actual articles in the Savannah Morning News.”


“It was nice to have the county partially block the road to work on the bridge on Oakland Island Road today, mainly to slow down the disrespectful speeders and people who litter on a daily basis.”