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“Landscape maintenance workers should stop blowing grass clippings and debris into the street, especially where there are neighbors, pedestrians and traffic.”


“Those preppy kids that have trashed Chippewa Square year after year should be banned from the parade and that square. It’s a shame they would do that to our lovely city and be allowed to do it.”


“I feel like your paper did not give enough coverage to the vice president coming to Savannah. You had a larger picture of others than you did of Vice President Pence.”


“I wish all those up there in the City Hall and on council would quit wasting our tax money in Savannah on something that would benefit maybe one or two people and nobody else.”


“To the [person] who said Democrats had the house, seat and presidency for eight years: Actually, Democrats had the presidency for eight years, a super majority in Congress for four months and a simple majority for two years. Get your facts straight.”


“Question of the day: How many Republican votes were lost in Savannah by them screwing up St. Patrick's Day?”