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“I think we should name the bridge after Johnny Mercer; after all, he is Savannah's favorite son. Just as the title of one of his favorite songs, we will then 'accentuate the positive.'”


“We’re glad you’re finally getting the bigger print where old folks can read it. We like the new format. I still think you’re thumping on Trump just a little bit too much, but anyway, we like the new format.”


“I've had it. Will someone please take the initiative to eliminate Daylight Saving Time?”


“Why don't we just call it The Bridge?”


“What do you do when your neighbor blatantly blows leaves out of their yard into the street, which always ends up in my yard and the other neighbor's yard? They also throw their dog poop out of the yard onto the bluff. Help!”


“I've come to believe that in Savannah, cutting down a tree is worse than killing someone.”