Soul, funk and R&B singer Lee Fields returns to the Savannah Music Festival with his band The Expressions for two shows April 7 on a double bill with The James Hunter Six.

Touring globally throughout much of the last decade, 2013 marked Fields' debut at the Savannah Music Festival, followed by a performance at the 2017 Savannah Stopover.

Nate Patrin of Pitchfork says of the North Carolina legend, "Lee Fields isn't really a throwback — he's always been singing, even when nobody was listening."


In an interview with Glide Magazine, Fields said of his band The Expressions, "These talented individuals, they give birth to new ideas and they give me an incentive on trying to keep up with them."

Born in Wilson, N.C., Fields moved to New York City to begin his career at age 17 and became an early member of Kool and The Gang. The group was in its "before fame" stage and Fields told Glide it was "a defining moment" of his career. After he left the group, he realized the work he had to put into his craft night in and night out.

He stayed true to his words. NPR music writer Oliver Wang said, “In a curious case of musical evolution, the older Fields becomes, the closer he gets to perfecting the sound of soul that he grew up with as a young man.”

Since his Savannah Music Festival debut, Fields has released two studio albums with The Expressions, "Emma Jean" and "Special Night."

Fields says of his latest album, "When I record, I make every song like I actually mean it. I mean every word I say. On 'Special Night,' I'm talking to my lady — literally, expressing the way I feel. You can tell if a song is real or not. And every moment I'm recording, those moments are real."