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“Kudos to each and every sanitation worker. They went behind all of the lazy parade viewers who could not pick up their own trash. They might need to take on the Girl Scouts motto, which is leave a place cleaner than you found it.”


“I think the local TV stations could put a limit on the lawyer advertisements … Lawyers, we got your message over and over again, now move on. Enough is enough.”


“If you want any chicken from the new Popeye’s in Rincon, you better pack a lunch."


“Once a Marine, always a Marine.”


“I need to dispose of some over-the-counter and prescription meds, where would I take these medicines now?” (Editor’s note: Learn more about the city of Savannah’s Medicine Cleanout Program: www.savannahga.gov/1700/Medicine-Cabinet-Cleanout)


“Our children stand up for their rights to be able to go to school safely and all we can do is quote the Second Amendment. Come on, people; whatever it takes, we have to protect our children.”


“I wonder how many of these student protestors go home and play video games that contain guns and violence?”