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“I’d like to know, what does the rabbit and eggs have to do with Easter?”


“This town can never, ever expect to get to the bottom of its financial problems or numerous murders as long as so many citizens are preoccupied with bird eggs. Heaven help us.”


“Ten dollars at the new PINES library [system] for overdue material for two days. Of course, they're going to be making a profit off of us taxpayers, who already pay for the library. I can't afford to be literate.”


“Will somebody out there please tell us what happened to John Wetherbee, the WTOC weatherman? I have called WTOC, and they will not tell me. Please get that information out and let us know.”


“A village, my foot. This will be Starland City.”


“Please, due diligence, and read the tag on those gorgeous Easter lilies. I've just put several of them in the trash after reading the toxicity level that you know is present in them for cats, and I frankly think they might not even be so good to be around humans.”