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“People who claim people kill, not guns, should educate themselves; guns are designed to kill.”


“To the caller who said that Fallon, Colbert and Mark Streeter are really, really sick people: I think the sick people are those who don't blame Trump for his bad behavior, such as using foul and vulgar language in speeches and in tweets.”


“If you love Savannah as much as I do, you would leave her alone. You have already ruined the downtown section, and it is a shame.”


“I submit Cornelia Stumpf for president. I like you, Cornelia.”


“See where somebody is throwing ink on Donald Trump's sign at his golf club. I guess they just can't stand his success.”


“It's a terrible thing when legal gun holders don't keep their gun secure.”


“In my opinion, students are being manipulated by activists with a political agenda. One thing that needs to be done on all levels is to enforce existing gun laws and background checks.”


“I, for one, thank God for Vice President Mike Pence.”


“When I read that Brian Harman was playing Rory McIlroy, I thought, good luck with that. Let me eat my words: he handled and took down one of the world's best golfers, so way to go, Brian. You make us proud.”


“It was so nice to have the column by Tom Barton back in the newspaper [March 25]. Seems like old times, and we surely have missed that man.”


“Oh Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Barton, we miss you, oh, do we miss you!”


“Alcoholics Anonymous has just as many failures as it does successes, and I could tell you because I know. You will quit when and only when you are ready and when you are ready, you can do it without Alcoholics Anonymous.”