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“Why would you be standing on the sidewalk and see a car coming and step right in front of it like you have special rights in the crosswalk? If you're not in the crosswalk and standing on the sidewalk and step in front of the car, the only right you have is to get run over.”


“Do we not have a litter law and if we do, why is it not enforced? We wouldn't have this problem throughout the city.”

“To the rabbi and his wife: hospitality is giving, not receiving.”

“Fox News is state-run television, only not the state that you think.”


“Is it necessary to show all the constant commercials about these legal firm lawyers over and over all during the day? I mean, it is so annoying.”


“I don’t think any president should be able to fire someone two days before he is to retire. Only an evil person would do this.”


“Bob Sweeney's letter to the editor [March 21] has some excellent ideas for school safety that hopefully could be implemented as soon as possible.”


“Where is the city on the federal courthouse annex project on Telfair Square? Quit hiding and take a stand.”