Everyone loves a good laugh. We binge sitcoms on Netflix, watch comedy specials and crack jokes with our friends. Savannah offers a few venues to enjoy live shows, but "Buddy Cop Comedy" is a different kind of improv for the scene.

Stars John Brennan and Brianne Halverson were both comedians in New York City, but never met until they moved to Savannah. Halverson said when they met, they found they had over 100 friends in common on Facebook.

"We bonded over the best Christmas show ever: ‘Die Hard.’ Bri is Bruce Willis, and I am 'Carl Winslow,' [actor Reginald VelJohnson], the cop talking to him on the walkie-talkie," said Brennan.

"Buddy Cop Comedy" asks the audience to participate by contributing the who, what, when and where — and then anything can happen. The actors could end up being best friends or mortal enemies, but neither will know until they take the stage.

Due to the unexpected nature of the material, this fun-filled show is aimed at mature audiences.

"I don't like saying it is an adult show, but you could bring an older teen with you," said Halverson.

She added that the shows can all have different vibes depending on the audience. Several regulars who attend are privy to inside jokes, and get to know both comedians as they reveal parts of their personal lives during performances.

Halverson got her start in comedy after attending a show. Immediately after, she signed up for a class and said her first show was awesome.

"It takes 10,000 hours of practice to get good at it. At my first show, I was about 90 hours in."

Halverson, who said comedy is her creative outlet, travels to New York every couple of months. She checks out what is new and then brings ideas back to Savannah.

"Studies have shown that audiences at live shows, [their] resting heart rate syncs up," she said, adding that "live performances are needed."

Brennan added, "Connection and intimacy is everything. Improv is trying to get the audience in on the joke and then exploring the fun with the audience."