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“Man, if all those cowboys actually got shot as these cowboy shows depict, then Boot Hill would have taken up three states.”


“Thank you, Savannah Morning News, for making the print larger. I can read it without my glasses. Thank you.”


“Don't like the new type; it’s so hard to read for me. Listen to your readers.”


“I can sympathize with the lady who gets all the requests for donations … It seems as though if you donate to one person, they sell your name to everybody else on Earth.”


“What's the situation with the Waters Food Market or Food Mart at the corner of Waters and Eisenhower? It was remodeled probably a year ago now, but has never opened.”


“What happened to Rex Tillerson? Did Putin demand someone even more pro-Russian as secretary?”


“I wish I was as stupid as Donald Trump.”


“What is the origin of the Black Weiner Street off Middleground?”