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“One of the stupidest things ever is wearing the caps backwards.”


“On Judgment Day I will ask God only one question: When the truth teller is called a liar, doesn't that judgmental person now become the liar? What a family reunion that will be; so many passive liars.”


“Can someone out there give me an alternative to using Comcast? It would be so helpful.”


“During the month of March, the city of Savannah turns the water in Forsyth Park green to honor St. Patrick. I would like to see the water turn red during Juneteenth to honor the brave black soldiers whose blood was shed during the Civil War.”


“The double yellow lines on Norwood Avenue are because it is a residential street; do not pass, do not speed.”


“Well Mark Streeter finally got something right. That cartoon on March 28 was the best one he's ever published.”


“The new format of the Savannah Morning News is very nice; however, I really wish we had some area in this paper that we could print the local movies at the movie theaters that are now playing.”