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“Savannah has a noise ordinance. Why does this not apply to loud mufflers on motorcycles and cars?”


“Trump attacks media calling it fake news. He watches Fox media, the ultimate in fake news.”


“It doesn't matter if it’s McDonald's or a five-star restaurant. I know you think it's cute with your kids running around acting loud and being obnoxious; the rest of us see obnoxious kids and poor parenting.”


“Why did you suppose that the one who called in calling Trump a moron was a man? I know an awful lot of women smart enough to know Trump’s a moron.”


“I was wondering, as well as all the neighbors are wondering, when is Polk’s coming back to the Sandfly area? We miss them and it's time. We need them and want them back.”


“Postmaster of Savannah, would you kindly instruct your letter carriers not to be on their Bluetooth or cellphone while delivering mail? This seems to have contributed to my getting my neighbor’s mail and my neighbor is getting my mail. Calling your offices never seems to help, so maybe reading about it will help. Do something kindly.”