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“I certainly hope that the councilmen that voted on the Starland monstrosity will not be re-elected. If they can do that to Starland, they can do that to any area. It's a shame.”


“I will vote for the gubernatorial candidate who promises to fire the person responsible for the uglification of I-16.”


“Please, please, city of Savannah, visit the intersection of Abercorn and Rio Road. There has been a pile of debris there that has now been there past both of the hurricanes and no one has cleaned it up. I look at it every morning driving to work. Please clean it up.”


“I can't believe our city council and aldermen. First they are ruining the Landmark District with too many big hotels and now they’ve ruined the Starland District. What are they thinking and what kind of legacy are they leaving?”


“Instead of using all the overseas steel, why can we not reopen all of the closed steel mills in Pennsylvania? That was a big life support system up there.”


“Not only are the obituary notices more interesting than the actual articles, the Vox is becoming boring. Oh well, might as well go watch the grass grow.”