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“To all the mail carriers: Don't let these cellphones cause you your job. You’re getting paid to put our mail in the right box. Pay attention to your job, OK?”


“I sincerely thank Chatham County for cleaning up U.S. 80 through Whitemarsh out to Port Pulaski. Unfortunately, they should have waited until the last spring break weekend was over.”


“There seems to be a misconception on the part of many pedestrians downtown. Pedestrian only has the right of way when there is a crosswalk with hashtags.”


“Is it appropriate for a temporary police chief to be making permanent promotions among senior officers?”


“When you're driving and you absolutely don't know where you’re going, pull over when you can so other people can get by. Why should I do 2 miles an hour waiting on you to decide which way you’re going to turn?”


“Your choice of front-page news … has me wondering why I bother to subscribe to this newspaper at all.”