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“Does anyone understand the new Georgia Power bill? We're getting a $25 rebate but they're still charging us for a nuclear construction cost recovery. So it just doesn't seem like it’s fair.”


“I played Bacon Park Golf Course the other day and it’s in pretty good shape. But wow, how many people does O.C. need behind the counter? He must have an enormous payroll. Keep up the good work.”


“You would think out of respect, the president would have been by the first lady’s side at the funeral [of Barbara Bush].”


“Make the Vox Populi longer; it's one of the more interesting things in the paper.”


“Now Mark Streeter has gone beyond being biased, as he always has been; now he's beginning to lie. He needs to go.”


“I think it's screwed, or profane, if you want to call it that, when one person calls another an idiot.”


“I would like to know when they are going to do the shredding out on Eisenhower that they do twice a year? We need that back in action.”