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“If President Trump were to endorse motherhood, baseball and apple pie, the Democrats and the media would find fault with it.”


“How do you walk through the bodies and blood of gun violence to find and complain about a video game?”


“I'll tell you who the idiot is and it isn't Donald Trump; it's the person responsible for choosing what comments are selected to appear in Vox Populi.”


“I have an idea: Since the city has $10 million excess available, why not donate it to the police benevolent and the fire benevolent so they can stop calling us poor people for money?”


“I noticed that President Jimmy Carter and his wife were not present at the Barbara Bush funeral. I guess their invitation got lost in the mail.” [Editor’s note: According to news reports, Carter, 93, was overseas and his wife, Rosalynn, 90, was recovering from surgery.)


“So Trump has five draft deferments? It shows people in high places. Our military protects us all.”


“After hearing his speech to Congress today, I hope President Macron of France will immigrate to America and run for president of the United States.”


“Savannah, get your priorities straight: Real wood windows, with less energy efficiency (therefore more costly), or fund the pre-K center to help the beautiful, developing brains of our future youth? No-brainer.”


“I only get the paper to do the crossword puzzle and y'all just can't seem to get it straight. What's the problem?”


“Mark Streeter, your cartoon for Thursday edition [April 26] was outstanding and quite appropriate. Keep up the good work. We love you.”


“Mark Streeter does have talent but he uses it to tear down our president. If he has God and love in his heart, he wouldn't be doing that. He would be using his talents to draw people together. The Bible says we are to pray for our leaders.”