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“Do you think there is an ingredient in chocolate that is addictive?”


“Stop the visual nightmare dayglow walking signs. Drive down Whitaker Street. It's an ugly sight. Who is in charge of signs? Take them down. People know not to walk into traffic.”


“Organizations and/or individuals need to review their commercials before they put them out. They’re so stupid.”


“Please, please, please, I beg you to put the Thomas Joseph crossword puzzle on the last page of the newspaper for those of us who share the paper. That's the best place for it.”


“Now that Mathews Seafood in Garden City is closed, where can we find a place to buy live lobsters?”


“You've heard the old saying about business: If they stay over three days, they begin to smell like fish. Well, these lawyers have stayed around so long they smell like skunks.”


“Beware, the politicians are calling. I am writing down their names. I don't care who it is, they will not get my vote.”