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“Sadly, Mayor DeLoach will be a one-term mayor. Why? Because I'm going to run for mayor on one issue. And that issue is the repeal of the fire tax, and I will win.”


“Buddy Carter does not lash out or grandstand. We leave that to your editorial writers, Savannah Morning News.”


“I would much, much, much rather pay a fire fee than a subscription to Savannah Morning News. ‘Tis a far, far better thing.”


“When I first glanced at the political cartoon Monday, April 30, I thought Streeter finally got it right. Then when I look down for his signature, I realized, no way.”


“I don't understand what the fuss about the fire fee is all about. Southside Fire Department is a subscription fire department and those of us that are serviced by Southside have been paying for a fire fee for years.” (Editor’s note: Southside Fire Department is now Chatham Emergency Services. Info at www.chathames.org.)


“City Manager Rob Hernandez’s name seems to be attached to a lot of things that are not going well, like the fire fee and the new parking changes. I'm not sure who hired him. I just want to know, who's going to let him go?”