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“Kanye West saying slavery is a choice is absurd. Escaped slaves were subject to agonizing punishment if not death.”


“Saw in the Savannah Morning News about Savannah believes in climate change. I think 80 percent, it said. Boy, I laughed out loud when I saw that. That says a lot about the local intellect.”


“To the caller wondering where John Wetherbee is: I've seen him and heard his voice out there in the middle of Georgia in the Dublin-Macon-Perry area. So I guess he's out there now.”


“I'm 84 years old and I’ve subscribed to the Savannah Morning News for years. But at this point, it's the most boring newspaper I have ever seen.”


“It looks like Scott Pruitt wants to change the official mission statement of the EPA to ‘Join the Swamp.’”


“I've just finished looking at every page of the Best of the Best in Savannah. I noted that the lawyers with the annoying television ads were conspicuously absent. Doesn't that tell them something?”


"CAT must be one of the worst managed places in the city of Savannah.”