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“Medical marijuana, yet it is still illegal. I still don't get it.”


“The old format of the Savannah Morning News was bad enough, but the new format leads much to be desired. Somebody needs to get their act together and give us a decent paper here in Savannah, Ga.”


“Savannah Morning News, Thursday, May 3, columnist Eugene Robinson is saying that lawyers are telling the immigrants what to say instead of telling them to tell the truth. It seems like to me if you're interviewing for a place in America, you ought to tell the truth, not be told what to say.”


“I would like to thank the Chatham County police for coming to my home at 2:30 this morning because we thought we had a break-in at our house. My wife and I are both in our late 80s and I am disabled. We called the police and they came out to the house right away, two policemen, and we want to thank them so much.”


“Do they ever send these drug sniffing dogs around to the storage places?”