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“After watching Barbara Bush's funeral, oh, how I miss having dignity and servility in the White House.”


“Tony Thomas, you are embarrassing the 6th District. Please be quiet.”


“How silly can Stanley Harris Jr. be? Can you see gang members registering their guns? Thanks, Jeffrey Webster. Your letter is true, and I believe it. Thank you.”


“Residents of Effingham County, make sure you check your tax assessments … Mine was changed, like a $15,000 increase. So be sure to check your assessment.”


“After working as long as they have on President Street, they've been able to make the railroad crossing worse than it was.”


“Savannah Morning News used to have a wonderful Kentucky Derby section that I looked at every year and for each Triple Crown race. Now there's nothing of that quality; in fact, it's nothing of that quality in the paper, congratulations!”


“Does this newspaper actually have an editor? It's full of misspellings, bad grammar, malapropisms and bias. Apparently nobody reads it before it goes to press, which means nobody should read it after it comes off the press.”