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“Gentlemen, if you have nothing to hide, shave your face.”


“To the person concerned with the TV commercials during breakfast and dinner: Here’s an idea, turn off your TV while you eat your meals and eat mindfully.”


“Regarding MyPillow: I did not like mine, either. I sent mine back and got my money back. I was very disappointed in it.”


“The birdhouse across from Wormsloe on Skidaway Road is too close to the road. It needs to be moved up into the shrubbery.”


“Tonight [May 6] I attended The Four Tops and Temptations concert at the Civic Center. No one could hear the words that the groups were saying, though the audience knew the words to the songs. The acoustics were just awful. How very sad.”


“I attended the Four Tops/Temptations concert last night [May 6]. The acoustics were so bad that you could barely understand a word the groups were singing. Is there no sound expert that can correct the poor acoustics at the Civic Center? It's a shame to miss such a great show because of the poor sound.”