The word “sugaring” might evoke ideas of sweet treats, but Savannah entrepreneur Jessica Mock has made it her business.

“Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been used since 1900 BC," she says. "It is the original method of hair removal. I never thought that I would be dedicating myself to the art of sugaring. It was a complex process and I honestly thought I did not have enough patience to dedicate myself to it."

Sugar is a temperamental medium to work with; it's affected by temperature and the humidity, both important factors in the southeast. That might be why there are few aestheticians using sugar in the region. Most use the waxing method, but sugar tends to be less irritating to the skin, according to Mock.

“I have very sensitive skin and the transition from wax to sugar and how my skin felt after the process there was no irritation. It made me a quick believer," she says.


Mock not only owns her own studio, Southern Sugaring, but she also teaches the techniques.

“I am an educator and I have students from all over the country. They all travel to Savannah to learn the art of sugaring," she said.

Now, she's incorporating swimwear to her studio. Last year, Mock held her first swimwear fashion show, featuring a candy theme. This year’s show, "Après Sugar" (meaning after sugar), will take place at 7 p.m. March 24 at Grand Lake Club at Southbridge.

“The idea came from the phrase 'après ski.' ... I kept thinking what if we combined winter and summer? ... If we create a winter-like space in this heat, it would be amazing," she says. “It is a chance for women to shop for one of the most dreaded but necessary pieces of clothing, the bathing suit. The experience can be daunting and even scary for some."

Mock says her studio will offer styling and sizing appointments along with a variety of luxury swimwear brands.

"Realizing our inner power and potential and what makes us feel good is a force and passion of mine. We all deserve the best suit and I want to help you feel confident and beautiful," Mock says.

The upcoming fashion show also has a philanthropic angle, as it benefits Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center, a nonprofit that provides a safe, confidential, child-friendly site for free investigative and therapeutic services to victims of child abuse.

“... When you become a parent, as we all know, it changes everything," Mock says. "I came across the charity through a client and it is such a tough charity to talk about. I felt it needed a light shine upon the cause. I have been so fortunate, and it is my obligation to give back.”