For an entire generation of people, Robert Stack’s distinctive voice brought tension and terror into their young lives.

The longtime host of the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" defined a generation of true crime, ghost stories and the unbelievable, opening the minds of millions to the mysteries surrounding us every day.

Terror Vision, the niche imprint of Savannah’s Graveface Records, has released the first-ever vinyl compilation of the score and themes from the popular show — specifically, the ghost stories. The audio has been pulled directly from the original tapes and remastered for high quality. Ryan Graveface, the obvious owner and proprietor, spent the last five months personally digging through 300 tapes for this specially curated release. The liner notes were put together by Graveface and the show’s creator John Cosgrove.


“If you’re somehow unaware of ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ it played a major role in my bizarre development growing up,” Graveface said. “I watched it religiously and loved to be scared by the ghost segments that would air semi-frequently.

“Hearing Robert Stack’s voice before bed in conjunction with this music scared the hell out of me. It’s absolutely bonkers to me that no one has ever released any part of the music previously. The theme music is so iconic that there are Facebook pages dedicated to it.”

Terror Vision, which specializes in horror movie soundtracks, will release two versions of the LP. The first is a single LP that contains Graveface’s personal favorite ghost-related cues from the show and a few theme songs.

The second package is a triple LP with every single cue written for the ghost segments, plus some theme songs and ending credits. The single LP will be a wide release and the triple LP will be mail-order only. A T-shirt and enamel pen will also be included in the bundle.

“Unsolved Mysteries” ran weekly from 1987 to 2002, with Stack as host as the show moved from NBC to CBS and finally Lifetime. The show was revived with Dennis Farina hosting on Spike from 2008-10. The show, using a documentary format, profiled real-life mysteries of unsolved crimes, conspiracy theories and unexplained paranormal phenomena. The original theme song, a staple of the show, was composed by Michael Boy and Gary Remal Malkin and was curated just for Stack’s narration style.