Toppling a Guinness World Record is no easy challenge. Although the Crawl of the South has tried it twice, they are setting their sights on taking home the record in 2020. Until then, they plan to host the crawl this year to get more people involved.

Starting five years ago, they attempted to break the record, which stands at 4,866 crawlers.

"We had 6,000 crawlers, but only 4,285 turned in their score card," said Brian Stafford, who organizes the crawl with Stafford Promotions and the Savannah Waterfront Association.

The Crawl of the South got its start when the two organizations were planning a collaboration for a fun event.

"We were having lunch to discuss how we could work together and their representative had lived in Kansas City and attended the crawl when they broke the record," Stafford said.

Although they have not broken the record yet, they are ramping up for the future.

"Our goal is to attempt again in 2020. We have the process down to a science. The third time's the charm," said Stafford.

Starting at 4 p.m. May 26 at Congress Street Social Club, the crawl includes another 10 stops along the way: Boomy's, The Rail Pub, Tree House, Pour Larry’s, Barrelhouse South, Club 51 Degrees, Bay Street Blues, PS Tavern, 309 West on the River and Stafford's Public House. The after party is at Savannah Smiles.

T-shirts, koozies and drink specials await crawlers.

"Everyone gets a scorecard to mark their progress," Stafford said. "We always sign them A+ at the final bar ... kind of like then you were in elementary school, you would always hang your A+ on your refrigerator."

Responsible drinking is a major concern for crawls like this. Thinking ahead, Stafford partnered with Lyft. Anyone on the crawl who uses the BarCrawlSav code will get a $50 Lyft credit.

And even though the Crawl of the South is a drinking event, you do not have to drink to participate.

"You can come out and enjoy a beautiful day in downtown Savannah and treat this crawl as a tour," Stafford said.