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“Chocolate is the best thing since toilet paper.”


“Neither a liberal nor a conservative be, think for yourself and you'll always be free.”


“Man, you dump truck drivers are a special kind of stupid.”


“If I had 50 cents for every minute I have spent at the stop light on the streets that intersect Anderson and Henry, I'd be a rich woman.”


“Ask the city manager Hernandez, are they going to implement a pet tax next month? So if you’ve got dogs, cats and goldfish, they’re going to tax you for having them.”


“I miss my typewriter and I miss my telephone book.”


“I was just wondering if anybody out there knows how many times you would have to walk around Savannah Mall on the lower level to accumulate a mile.”


“The fire fee, the fire fee, was all a big prank. We found your $10 million sitting in the bank.”