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“Meghan Markle's dad is going to be the royal family's Billy Carter.”


“I never heard one Republican complain that the [Whitewater] investigation was taking too long, or needing to shut it down … Remarkable!”


“Thank you, SCAD: You built and restored more of Savannah than Sherman burned down. Best thing for Savannah in the last 60 years.”


“Who will take old color TVs? If nobody, they’ll end up being dumped on the highway in the middle of the night. That would be even worse.”


“Jimmy Carter says that pulling out of the Iran deal was a serious mistake. No, Jimmy, you were the worst mistake this country ever made.”


“If President Trump walked on water, the Associated Press would headline, ‘President can't swim.’”


“For the third year, the U.S. postal carrier in my neighborhood in the city of Savannah did not pick up the food that they wanted bagged up in their own bag that they left us for the food bank. Next year I will not participate.”


“I'm not paying the fire tax, and I want to see Hernandez do something about it. I'll be waiting on him.”


“Can someone please explain to me how it is that the city can no longer afford to provide its citizens with fire protection without an excessive extra fee, and yet we can afford an Office of Sustainability? And can anybody tell me what it is that an Office of Sustainability does?” [Editor’s note: According to www.savannahga.gov, the office “provides services to promote a healthy environment and community lifestyle for citizens, encourage community engagement, provide operational cost savings through efficiency and compliance support, and conserve natural resources for current and future generations.”)


“Gas prices are regulated by the loss, supply and demand. If you can't figure that out, pick up an economics book. It ain't that complicated, duh!”