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“I wish to make a statement that you cannot be a Christian and vote for Donald Trump. Enough said.”


“People who look to the AP following closed meetings and deliberations and demand to remain anonymous are cowards. Nothing is more hateful than gossiping cowards to destroy reputations and remain anonymous. Give us your name or be silent, and that goes for the AP, too.”


“The Republicans can't get any more shameful than what they're doing right now in regard to taking away funds in the SNAP program from children's insurance. We have a third-world country right in the United States of America that gives billionaires tax breaks and lets the hungry starve.”


“The salaries these football coaches are being paid is beyond comprehension. Let's put our priority where it belongs, on education.”


“The paper delivery service in Windsor Forest is absolutely horrible. It's either missing, late or incomplete. Complaining doesn't seem to help. Can’t someone do something about this?”