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“I sure hope Trump appreciates the free, excellent health care his wife is getting that we pay for. I sure wish he was as giving to others who have no health insurance [through] no fault of their own.”


“If you took my cat off the porch on 53rd and Harmon streets, please bring her back. I am 81 years old and she is my life. Thank you.”


“Thank you, Dorothy Simnett, for your May 15 letter [to the editor]. What a shock to learn that important state regulations could be nullified by Rep. Steve King’s amendment to the farm bill.”


“Why would the May 15 editorial about gubernatorial debates use a phrase like ‘The Staceys, Democrats Abrams and Evans’ instead of simply saying ‘Democrats Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans.’ That would be clearer and it's the same number of words.”


“Stewart Daniel's letter to the editor [May 15] in the Savannah Morning News is precise and very meaningful. Everybody should read it. It's a wonderful letter about our president.”