It might seem impossible to improve on a perfect peach, but we decided to try.

We wanted a simple, warm dessert that amplified the peaches' flavor. To achieve tender, flavorful peaches with a lightly sweet glaze, we began by tossing peeled and halved peaches with a little sugar, salt, and lemon juice to season the fruit and extract some juice.

To help the peaches heat through and still hold their shape, and to prevent the sugar from burning, we broiled the halves cut side up in a skillet, adding water to the pan to prevent sticking. Once the peaches had begun to brown, we took them out and brushed them with a mixture of honey and butter, and then slid them back under the broiler to caramelize the glaze and produce beautifully browned peaches.

Lastly, we reduced the juices that had accumulated in the skillet into a thick, intensely peachy syrup to drizzle over the warm peaches and topped them with some toasted hazelnuts. Select peaches that yield slightly when pressed.

You will need a 12-inch oven-safe skillet for this recipe. Use a serrated peeler to peel the peaches. These peaches are best served warm and with vanilla ice cream or plain Greek yogurt, if desired.

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