Imagine this: You are 13 years old. Your dad just beat you up and kicked you out of the house. You have nowhere to go, no one to call. You are embarrassed, ashamed and afraid. What do you do?

Fortunately for at-risk, runaway and homeless youth in Savannah, Park Place Outreach provides temporary residential shelter. Park Place Executive Director Julie Wade knows these kids have ambitions and dreams, which is why the shelter provides 24-hour-a-day refuge for children in need.

"The kids we serve are good kids in some bad situations," said Wade.

Park Place Outreach aims to reunite families whenever possible. They also run the Street Outreach Program to help identify homeless and nearly homeless youth and young adults and help them transition into a stable and safe environment.

Fundraisers like the upcoming Tequila Barrel Release Party on June 6 help pay for those services. The Olde Pink House, where the party will take place, is a longtime supporter. General Manager Craig Jeffers helps mentor and employ youth from Park Place Outreach. The restaurant also supports Park Place's annual February fundraising gala by donating gift certificates for the silent auction.

"Craig Jeffers envisioned this event to recreate an authentic Mexican experience in Reynolds Square," said Wade. "Guests will experience several kinds of Herradura tequila, sample margaritas, craft their own tequila cocktail, enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, and listen to live music while we transport them to Mexico for the hacienda experience."

Wade said staff from the Olde Pink House visits Herradura in Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico, annually to blend distinctive tequilas exclusively for the Olde Pink House and Garabaldi's.

"Herradura was founded in 1870 by Félix López and the business remained in the family for over 125 years," said Wade. "Today it is owned by U.S. beverage maker Brown-Forman, but the tequila is still made in the same place and facilities under a Mexican subsidiary. Tequila products sold under the Herradura name are 100 percent agave."

As part of the night's activities, guests will be able to taste traditional, tamarind and jalapeño margaritas and Mexican food before moving into the tasting room, which features Añejo, Reposado, Ultra and Double Barrel Reposado. Guests can also craft their own cocktails with tequila of their choosing while Bill Smith plays bossa nova music through the night.

"Representatives from Herradura will be present to speak on Herradura history and products available," said Wade. "Passed food and margaritas will be a constant throughout the square during the event."

Supporting Park Place means you're giving struggling young adults a step up in life.

"They have hopes, dreams, and ambitions like all teens, but getting there is harder," Wade said. "We want to help kids see beyond their current situation to realize and achieve their dreams."