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“Prayers and good wishes are not enough to stop these killings. Government officials must have the spine to take up these weapons of war. This is wishful thinking; it ain't going to get done.”


"... Despite all of this rain, my newspaper this morning was delivered single wrapped. And therefore when I got to it at the end of the driveway, it was soaked all the way through. Doesn't anybody at the Savannah Morning News think about these things before the paper is delivered?”


“In regard to the [comment] of getting rid of the city manager: Most of the people in Savannah would agree on that. But also they should get rid of the ones that brought him here in the first place. Maybe that's where we need to clean the swamp.”


“You upset about the fire tax? You upset about all the other stuff going on at City Hall? … You have a right to vote. Start voting them out of office; get rid of them.”