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“Ride down on Highway 80 and look at all the beautiful American flags flying, and they're still flying after Memorial Day and I'm so proud of them. It makes me want to really stand up and be an American. Thank you for putting the flags out, whoever does it.”


“The cartoon in this Sunday’s [May 27] rag you call a newspaper by Mark Streeter was completely over the top; absolutely outrageous. Don't you have an editorial staff?”


“Regarding the letter to the editor from Howard Pendley on May 29: Mr. Pendley, I hope you save a copy of this letter so you and Satan can discuss it after the rapture.”


“When are we going to hear about the truck driver that ran into Officer Christie? Please let us know the outcome of this terrible disaster.”


“In view of the important role SCAD plays in Savannah, I am surprised to see no mention of their graduation ... Guest speaker on Friday [June 1] was the actress and producer Hilary Swank.” (Editor’s note: Photos and information about the event were posted at savannahnow.com.)