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“Please explain to me who has the right of way when a pedestrian walks through a park right into the middle of the street, right in front of the path of a car. Who has the right of way? Are you supposed to slam on brakes or read their mind?”


“To the caller about East 60th and Atlantic roundabout: We would like to see one as well on 52nd and Habersham.”


“I do not know how Mr. Kemp looks at himself in the mirror every morning after the most recent political advertisements he has run on television. They are insulting, demeaning and not becoming or reflective of what a governor of the state of Georgia should be doing.”


“Get rid of the mayor; get rid of the city manager. All they've done is increase taxes and made poor property owners pay more for everything. Both of them need to go. Election time is coming up. Show them how you feel.”


“Why does Savannah Morning News call it Best of Preps? Why not Best of the Bigger Schools? You obviously don't research who’s actually the best athletes in the area.”