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“The citizens of Savannah need to drain the swamp just as fast as they can or they’re going to be taxed out of their homes.”


“Let's call it the Savannah River Bridge.”


“When calling Vox Populi, get your facts straight. John McCain and John Kerry were not World War II heroes; they fought in Vietnam.”


“Taxpayer money built the Truman Parkway. Taxpayer money is supposed to be used for maintenance of roadways. Yet Hernandez talks about a toll road. Are you kidding me?”


“Rachel Maddow is no Walter Cronkite.”


“Just when you think Hillary Clinton can't get any worse, she shows her true self again at Yale.”


“Savannah's District Attorney Meg Heap: I would like to know what gives her the right to be the judge and jury of a case that hasn't even gone to court. Sounds like another one of those good ole boy cases down at the D.A.'s office.”


“OK, so the waters off Georgia are soon to be open for shrimping … Will the prices go down?”