Quiet Hollers, which last played here during the 2016 Savannah Stopover, starts a 30-city summer tour June 15 at Barrelhouse South.

“Can't wait y'all! Kicking off this tour in Savannah is a dream,” the band recently posted on the Facebook event page.


Even in a world of indie-this and indie-that, Quiet Hollers’ music defies easy characterization. The Louisville-based band is fronted by Shadwick Wilde, whose deep voice, clear articulations and dark themes are even more distinctive than his name.

The band established themselves with haunting, almost hypnotic songs like “Mont Blanc” from their self-titled 2015 album, but their growing catalog is dotted with faster songs like “Pressure” from the 2017 album “Amen Breaks.”


Even Quiet Hollers’ social media activity is unpredictable. As I write this, the most recent post includes the late poet John Berryman’s “Dream Song #14.”

Quiet Hollers plays the early slot — sometime after 9 p.m. — on June 15 at Barrelhouse South, 125 W. Congress St. The Savannah-based rock foursome Ember City, which includes singer-songwriter Sarah Poole, will play the late slot.


On June 16, the 4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra — a nine-piece ensemble that includes plenty of brass — returns to Savannah for a show at El-Rocko Lounge. Some of you will remember that the raucous Atlanta band and their mix of Klezmer and West African influences performed at El-Rocko’s grand opening in 2016.

El-Rocko will also host two especially promising gigs next week.

Dezorah, a “post progressive experimental” band from Texas, will play June 20, and R&B/soul musician Tyrone Cotton will play June 22 for the first in a series of early shows presented by MusicFile Productions and Savannah Stopover. You can read more about the Cotton gig and the new series in next week’s Do.

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