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“Yeah, Bernie Evans’ letter about the Russian investigation on Memorial Day was spot on. People better be prepared. And Trump voters, it’s time to admit you have been bamboozled.”


“In the letters to the editor today, June 5, a man from Tybee Island named Jay Roseberry wrote a letter about seeing conspiracy in fire coverage. He hit the nail right on the head, and I hope people will read this letter and listen to what he says.”


“It’s a scary thought that the person who thinks John McCain and John Kerry were World War II veterans would be voting anyway.”


“I recycle my plastic bags at the grocery store, but I'm wondering if the plastic bags that our newspapers are wrapped in are recyclable? There's no indication on the bag.”


“DOT finally made some improvements over the Georgetown bypass but westbound traffic needs to have that light on the other side.”


“I would like to thank a young man named Michael in your billing office. He was most pleasant and helpful in solving a problem I had with the paper. I think it's time we give credit where credit is due. Thank you very much.”