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“There is not going to be a tax on pets, but there is going to be a fee.”


“Trump didn’t give Korea cash. Obama's the one that gave the cash to Iran. Quit being a hater.”


“President Trump shouldn’t be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he should be nominated for the person who tells the most lies in a year.”


“Mark Streeter must get his red ink from the Democrats because all they know is red socialism.”


“Get rid of this city manager Hernandez. He's not one of us. He doesn't understand the city. He needs to go. We need to hire somebody who actually understands what Savannah's all about and I mean somebody local, I don't mean somebody from Timbuktu.”



“I am ecstatic that the city opened up the southbound ramp for the Truman Parkway exit off of President Street. However, I am absolutely appalled that there is not a better light or sign there to notify motorists that there is a Truman exit there, especially at nighttime. It is a hazardous place to be trying to exit … They really should be something done about this. It is dangerous.”