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“There is no shame on television.”


“Cart before the horse. First the city raises the fire fees. Then they decided to study the efficiency in operations of the fire department. Brilliant.”


“Trump is a dictator and the Republicans are responsible for this criminal.”


“I am ecstatic that the city opened up the southbound ramp for the Truman Parkway exit off of President Street. However, I am absolutely appalled that there is not a better light or sign there to notify motorists that there is a Truman exit there, especially at nighttime. It is a hazardous place to be trying to exit … They really should be something done about this. It is dangerous.”


“Why not charge an astronomical fee for parking in fire lanes? They can probably make their quota within one week just by sitting in front of grocery stores. Or would that have to be voted on, unlike the fire fee?”


“If you don't follow police instructions, bad things happen.”


“With a $10 million profit, how long has the city of Savannah been operating without a business license?”