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“To the crackpot who thinks I'm jealous of President Trump and his wife: Go take an IQ test.”


“Why doesn't Mexico keep some of the political refugees that pass through this country?”


“I see in the paper that Rob Hernandez has applied for a job in Texas. One thing to say: good riddance.”


“This is for the caller who was looking for the University of Georgia Bulldog, the stone bulldog. They have them at Lowe's on Pooler Parkway in Pooler. They're down in the garden section, and they have some out front.”


“I laugh at Mark Streeter cartoons not for the substance, but for his stupidity.”


“Regarding Ronald Christopher's commentary, ‘City wise to backtrack on fire fee.’ I think we need to draft him immediately for mayor of Savannah, and Eddie DeLoach can go back to cutting grass ... I think we found our new mayor.”


“I just read in the paper that one of our city politicians wants to get a surplus helicopter and surplus tank to put at the end of the Truman Parkway. How are we supposed to help our veterans get over the PTSD if we keep reminding them of the horrors of war? That's ridiculous.”