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“There’s a new song coming out called ‘Bye Bye Eddie, Don't Let the Fire Truck Hit You on the Way Out.’”


“What happened to the country station that played all of the old country songs that you could understand and enjoy? Now, there's nothing but all this rap stuff. We need something that we can enjoy while we're not watching television.” (Editor’s note: 98.3 FM switched formats to Top 40.)


“For the next governor, I don't care if it's a Democrat or Republican. I'm voting for the guy who has a platform that's going to get rid of this idiotic Daylight Saving Time thing. I've not run into one person who thinks it's a good idea.”


“I know one thing the conservatives and liberals can agree on. We don't want the Truman Parkway to be a toll road.”


“Men: the week-old beard look/need-to-shave look does not look good. Shave it; it looks terrible.”


“Savannah needs different kinds of restaurants. We need an O’Charley’s or Bahama Breeze, but that's just my opinion.”