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 “If I were Rob Hernandez, I wouldn't unpack my suitcase.”


“Mr. Streeter left one essential item out of his cartoon of June 17 regarding the city manager's possible departure from Savannah, and that is a strategically placed screen door.”


“The school board is going to raise the millage rate again. Although I have no children, never had any children, I paid property tax and school tax for 58 years. I will not pay anymore.”


“I see they're cutting down more trees and clearing out property on Chatham Parkway. Someone please reassure me that it's not another car lot.”


“Now we learn the true intent of the fire fee. Liars, liars, pants on fire!”


“The Democrats do not want to fix immigration or fix anything. Vote them out so that Trump can move forward helping our country.”


“Taking children from their parents is kidnapping. Trump should be ashamed of himself.”


“So someone likes that little traffic circle at East 60th and Atlantic, but did you also notice that it has 20 ugly reflective signs surrounding it?”