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“With the announcement of Harley-Davidson’s reduction of jobs in America and being relocated to Europe, does the term MAGA now mean Manufacturers Are Going Away?”


“I think that's common knowledge that we don't need Tony Thomas and Van Johnson to run the city; that speaks for itself.”


“If Trump could put Puerto Rico's survival above his petty need to play golf every weekend, they could get the help they need. Totally selfish.”


“Small-Toney and Lovett didn't cost us millions!”


“The snowflake can read the definition of initiative and character. I suggest the idiot learn to turn off Fox and try it sometime.”


“FYI, Mr. Barton, property owners are not ‘poor saps,’ nor is paying for public schools a ‘burden.’ Sorry you feel that way.”


“I really like the big crossword puzzle in Sunday's newspaper. I look forward to it … If you could just print a little bigger, that would be great.”


“I've really enjoyed the editorial cartoon the last several days. Could we please start a GoFundMe campaign to keep Mark Streeter on vacation, wherever he is?”